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Yahoo! Search Embraces the Mac Community

Yahoo is extending its search clout towards Mac users, as it acquired Safari browser plug-in, Inquisitor. This plug-in works similarly to Yahoo’s Search Assist which help users with their search by suggesting possible queries and related concepts in real-time.

If you’re a Safari browser user, you would either find this pretty helpful or annoyingly obtrusive when you conduct your search. If the idea of website links popping out of your browser while typing your search term, makes you excited, then you will love the implementation of the Inquisitor in the browser. But if you are like me who is always certain of what search keyword to use when doing my search, this suggestions can get pretty annoying at times.

Anyway, with Yahoo’s acquisition of Inquisitor, Safari browsers will now have quick access to Yahoo Search. In addition, Yahoo will remove the affiliate ad links that used to appear in the previous versions of the Inquisitor.

Whether this will be a welcome development for Safari users who have installed the Inquisitor plug-in in their browser is yet to be seen. Honestly, I don’t see a good reason why Yahoo would invest in such a plug-in that doesn’t seem to have a great impact with its search product? Do you have any idea on the reason behind this? I really like to know.

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Yahoo! Search Embraces the Mac Community

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