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Yahoo Says: Search Ad Deal with Google is Good for Advertisers

As the October implementation of the much-talked about Yahoo-Google search ad partnership comes closer, Yahoo is hell bent on getting into the deal and would get out of its way to prove that there’s some good to it aside from giving Google a wider audience for its search advertisers.

According to Yahoo’s  executive vice president Hilary Schneider, the said deal will be mostly beneficial to online adversisers as the deal would give them wider reach courtesy of the combined Yahoo search results and Google search results pages.

Schneider underscores the fact that opening up Yahoo’s search results pages to Google advertisers would greatly enhance their potential customer base. And from an advertisers point of view, the more consumers get to see your ads, the better ad ROI.

It is clear why Yahoo needs this search ad deal to push through. It’s search advertising business is not doing well and it needs Google’s search ad inventory. But as for Google, the benefits don’t seem to add up well. Serving ads to Yahoo’s search results pages don’t guarantee that advertisers will get good ROI. In fact, the very reason why Yahoo is opting-in to the deal is because of the lack of search ads to place on their search results pages. And serving their ads on Yahoo won’t increase Google’s search market share either.

But then this could be part of a bigger plan which we might see unfold in the coming months. And ANA could sense that, that’s why they would go out of their single way to stop the deal from materializing.

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Yahoo Says: Search Ad Deal with Google is Good for Advertisers

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