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Yahoo Rolls Out Quality-Based Pricing on Content Network Ads

In an effort to improve pricing bids for advertisers on Yahoo’s content network, Yahoo launched its new quality based pricing. If you’ve done PPC with Yahoo! Search Marketing and opted into their content network, you’ve probably seen a tremendous amount of clicks within the hour of launching your campaign. I think Yahoo’s content network has gotten the rep to get you traffic, but low conversion rates.

Yahoo states in an email sent to all advertisers, “In an ongoing effort to raise the value of our Sponsored Search and Content Match products, we’re pleased to announce the phased rollout of a new feature that we believe will help increase the value of Yahoo! Search Marketing traffic to our advertisers. This feature, called quality-based pricing, is designed to measure the value of the traffic coming from our distribution partners’ websites and price clicks accordingly for our advertisers.”

Key Features:

  • We’ll evaluate the quality of traffic from our distribution partners’ sites.
  • Your click charges can be discounted based on the value of that traffic.
  • Discounts will automatically be applied to your account.

The question is how much will they discount from traffic which doesn’t convert? This will link right into YPN. If you’re website is sending traffic which is not converting for any of the advertisers, the price you receive for your click will be affected as well.

Without a question, this is good news for YSM advertisers. Maybe I’ll even give Yahoo’s content another shot.

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Yahoo Rolls Out Quality-Based Pricing on Content Network Ads

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