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Yahoo Releases its Fire Eagle Geo-Location Service

Yahoo Releases its Fire Eagle Geo-Location Service

Yahoo has released its Fire Eagle service out-of-beta which means that anyone who has an existing Yahoo account can now take their locations to various web services with full control on how and where their location data is shared.

Fire Eagle will help both ordinary Yahoo users and web application developers. For users, Fire Eagle provides a simple interface to manage location information, setting how and with whom to share their location information. Users can fully authorize web, mobile or desktop applications to automatically update their locations or they can update it manually. Users can also opt out of the service anytime they wish to, and Fire Eagle will stop updating their services.

For developers on the other hand, Fire Eagle makes it easier for them to make geo-location services in their application without the need to build the infrastructure to make this service possible.

Currently Fire Eagle has several well known location-centric web services supporting its features, including Pownce, Movable Type, Dopplr, Loki, Skout, to name just a few.

Fire Eagle is a pretty neat location-awareness service complete with geo-tagging features. It would be a great service for online people who makes use of various online services to let friends and business contacts know their whereabouts. The fact that is is so easy for developers to get on board the Fire Eagle platform would make this Yahoo service a big hit in due time.

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