Yahoo Publisher Network to Help with International Traffic Problems

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Yahoo Publisher Network to Help with International Traffic Problems

There is no mistake today that Yahoo doesn’t want to their publishers to display the YPN ads to those outside of the United States of America. There have been dozens of reports of bans being placed on some publishers for having too much international traffic. For many publishers, setting up technology to display the ads based on geo-location, is a bit complex and overbearing.

We have wrote of one solution for Blocking Yahoo Publisher Network Ads from Internation Traffic in the past. How does Yahoo help the publishers with this task?

Well, today, a thread at Search Engine Watch Forums has a post from YahooSarah stating that Yahoo! Search Marketing will begin to help its publishers with this technical task.


We’ve received a lot of feedback today about our publisher traffic policies, so I’m writing to offer some guidance. As you know, our publisher terms and conditions prohibit displaying ad listings to users outside of the U.S. This is because the beta is intended for publishers who support primarily a US audience.

That said, we do want to help our publishers with this situation. Therefore, we are going to work with our team in the coming weeks to create some solutions that our publishers can choose to use. I’ll be sure to follow up soon.

I know this post doesn’t offer immediate help, but I’m confident that these efforts will be helpful in the long run. As always, please keep sending me your feedback.


This is great news for the beta publishers.

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