Yahoo Pipes: Analyzing Digg, Part 3: Filter by Votes

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This is the last part in a short series about Yahoo Pipes and how to use it to analyze Digg homepage stories and any topical trends. Part 1 covered sorting by submitter. Part 2 covered sorting by category and submitter. Part 3’s Pipes filter stories by number of votes, then sort by any or all of submitter, category and votes.

All of the general Pipes principles presented in these examples can be used to analyze other social media sites, and thus could be a handy tool for building site profiles. The only big difference in the 4 examples in this Part, compared to the others, is that we’re introducing a numeric variable and a filtering rule. To keep this post short, I’m leaving out most of the sections that I had in the previous posts. Please see them for explanations of Digg variables, Pipes variables, regular expression pattern rules, etc.


If you feel like playing around with the Pipes used in this example, here are the links:

  1. Digg sorted by votes – very simple: just inserts the number of votes in square brackets at the beginning of each story tile.
  2. Digg over X votes – only shows home page stories with more than X votes, where you can specify X when running the Pipe.
  3. Digg over X votes, sorted by category and votes – same as #2, but also sorts stories first by category and then by number of votes.
  4. Digg over X votes, sorted by submitter and votes – same as #2, but also sorts stories first by submitter and then by number of votes.


These Pipes examples for Digg have been fairly simple in nature. There are more complex examples over at Yahoo Pipes. Just search there for “Digg” and browse the results.

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