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Yahoo Paid Search Submit Experiencing Problems After Update

Yahoo Paid Search Submit Experiencing Problems After Update

A collegue and Search Engine Journal reader emailed me over the weekend, to let me know that the Yahoo Paid Inclusion (Yahoo Search Submit) feed for his business, and that of his competitors have been experiencing problems, and dropped from the rankings.

Apparently, there is a major shifting going on of Yahoo rankings, which has been documented by members of Digital Point Forums :

  • Yes! I have also noticed Yahoo update results, few of my websites jumped to 1st page!
  • Many of my keywords that ranked #1-2 for years have dropped 10 spots or so.

However, I have not found much other information on the changes in the Yahoo Search Submit. Could this be a direct result of the ranking changes and is Search Submit lacking in an update?

Here is the email :

Have you heard anybody else mention that their Yahoo PI feed got nuked?

It appears PI (paid inclusion) feeds have been completely nuked from the SERPs–at least in our industry. Via our PI feed, we enjoyed hundreds of Top 3 rankings for over 3 years; now gone.

Furthermore, I noticed that the rankings held by a friendly competitor who also uses the same PI provider has lost his rankings.

The Yahoo advertiser also told me that sites they power using their same technology, which they do not use Search Submit for, are still holding their rankings.

Are any other Yahoo Search Submit / Paid Inclusion advertisers experiencing similar issues?

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