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Yahoo Moves Closer to Naming a New CEO

It’s been quite awhile now since Jerry Yang has stepped down from his post as Yahoo’s CEO. And since then, there were a lot of talks and rumors on who is going to replace Mr. Yang and would lift up Yahoo from its not-so-good condition right now. A WSJ report, citing reliable sources said that the new Yahoo CEO might be announced next week.

The WSJ furter reports that the most likely candidate to be selected was former Autodesk CEO Carol Bartz.  The sixty-year old Ms. Bartz was said to have impressed the Yahoo directors the she have already met.

Although Yahoo refused to comment on this matter, a spokeswoman from Autodesk revealed that Ms. Bartz could not be contacted for comment since she is on a business trip. Incidentally, rumors of Ms. Bartz possible appointment to the top Yahoo spot was first reported by WSJ’s AllThingsD.

The rumor of Ms. Bartz appointment heightened when the Yahoo Board said previously that are keen on getting a replacement from an external sources rather than picking up someone already inside Yahoo.

Yahoo needs to find a replacement to Jerry Yang before its fourth quarter earnings report which is due by end of January. And next week seems to be a reasonable deadline for them to choose a new CEO since, they still have to negotiate with the candidate and wait whether the candidate accepts the job offer.

If Ms. Bartz is chosen as the new CEO, she will be bringing with her quite an impressive background from previous jobs as Autodesk CEO,  Sun Microsystems Executive and Board membership at Cisco and Intel.

And more importantly, Ms. Bartz is bringing her more “matured wisdom” as compared to the young Jerry Yang. Of course, the question is would that be enough to make some drastic changes to Yahoo as a company?

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Yahoo Moves Closer to Naming a New CEO

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