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Yahoo Makes Local Search Results More Useful

Yahoo Makes Local Search Results More Useful

Location-based search results are more useful if it provides more information about a specific location. And that’s what Yahoo Local Search is trying to fulfill by introducing additional links to the Yahoo Shortcut that appear at the top of the Yahoo Local Search results.So now when you do a local search for a business, the Yahoo Local Search Results page will include links to other information such as photos, reviews, directions and and general overview about a particular business.

But the best part is the fact that clicking on these additional categories will pull out the relevant information and display it right on the search results page. That saves you a lot of time when trying to learn about a particular place  and moreso if you are stuck in a place and you don’t know where to go. Using you mobile phone to do a search on Yahool Local with these enhancements can save a lot of time and trouble as well.

The enhancement to Yahoo Shortcut on Local Search is part of Yahoo’s effort to get a grip of user’s intent to match it with the right Yahoo content.


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