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Yahoo Local Dials Up Mobile SMS Service

Yahoo Local Dials Up Mobile SMS Service

The war in the search engine market has led to an array of services being offered by the companies for free in the recent days. First, we saw Google releasing their desktop search, which was followed by similar products from Yahoo! and MSN. Then we saw Video Searching. Another field where these companies are fighting a close battle is the mobile market. Searching is going beyond just desktop computers as search engines are bringing the results on Mobile phones!

While we already have Google SMS service, Yahoo! released their similar services with more enhanced features. That latest news in is that Yahoo! is now offering another add-on to their search engine. This service is integrated with Yahoo! Local Search, which is a directory of business listings. Users can now avail this new feature to forward a search result from the web on their desktop to their mobile phones by clicking on a button labeled “send to phone” which comes with all the result listings.

As expected Yahoo! is for now offering this facility only to USA based customers to subscribers of the mobile services of Cingular Wireless/AT&T Wireless, Verizon Communications, T-Mobile USA, and Sprint and Nextel Communications. Yahoo! is providing this service free of charge though the mobile carriers might charge for these services. A representative from Yahoo! told the media: “Increasingly, our users are going mobile. With this, we want to help them take their Yahoo Local information with them on their mobile phone.”

Looks like, it will not be long before we use mobiles for making searches as we use our computers now. The competition is making information, more and more accessible which is great for the end consumer.

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Yahoo Local Dials Up Mobile SMS Service

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