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Yahoo! Launches APT, the Display Ad formerly known as AMP!

Yahoo has renewed once again its take on digital advertising with a new platform called APT from Yahoo. This digital advertising solution was previously announced as AMP! APT from Yahoo aims to facilitate faster processing of buying and selling ads online and also connecting publishers, advertisers, agencies, networks, partners and developers.

And for its opening salvo, APT from  Yahoo has teamed up with the San Francisco Chronicle of Hearst Newspapers and San Jose Mercury News of MediaNews Group.

During the launch held at the 5th annual Advertising Week conference in New York, Yahoo’s Sue Decker emphasized on the benefits of APT from Yahoo:

One of the major benefits of APT from Yahoo! is the fact that it’s an open system, designed to enable advertisers to reach their audiences in their favorite places across the Web, and publishers to monetize inventory across the broadest possible demand channels.

Specifically, these benefits are:

  • Fostering a more transparent marketplace through the ability to connect to new business partners for cross-selling;
  • Providing ad selection and inventory management tools to match relevant ads to marketers’ target audience; and
  • Allowing publishers to manage their own private networks.

All in these in the hopes of improve publishers’ monetization capabilities and increase ad revenue with solutions through premium brand and performance-based advertising.

The launch of APT from Yahoo comes hot on the heels of Yahoo’s controversial search advertising deal with Google which is under scrutiny by industry players and the US DOJ. Some analysts say that his is Yahoo’s last ditch effort to liven up its ad serving products, since the partnership with Google on search ad may give Yahoo additional revenue but in the long run, it would be more for Google’s advantage. In a way, analyst say that this is a sort of Yahoo’s way of conceeding its defeat to Google when it comes to search advertising.

Interestingly , digital display advertising is still an unexplored area for Google. So that leaves Yahoo with less of a market rival. Now, it only has to face AOL with its Platform A ad platform. But wait, the Yahoo Board has just approved a renegotiation talk with Time Warner, right?

I would like to think that this is not a planned move. Although, they could be weaved together.

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Yahoo! Launches APT, the Display Ad formerly known as AMP!

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