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Yahoo Launches Ad Interest Manager

Yahoo has just rolled out its Ad Interest Manager which according to Yahoo is a new consumer tool which aims to make online advertising, particularly interest-based more transparent.  This, according to Yahoo is one way of building up user trust. The Ad Interest Manager site lets you see a concise summary of your online activity on Yahoo’s content network, so much so that you can determine your level of exposure to interest-based ad served by Yahoo Ad Network.Screen shot 2009-12-07 at 8.05.44 PM

Anne Toth, Yahoo VP for Policy and Head of Privacy, said that Ad Interest Manager will provide Yahoo users/visitors transparency into how Yahoo’s interest-based advertising works as he emphasized that users can opt-out of Yahoo’s  interest-based ad targeting.

“Yahoo! is committed to providing consumers with increased transparency and control when they are online. Ad Interest Manager will show users what interests we think they have, and also let them edit and change those interests to reflect the most up-to-date information.”

Specifically, Yahoo’s Ad Interest Manager Tool :

  • Provides a central point where Yahoo! visitors can assert even greater control over their online experience.
  • Gives visitors an unparalleled view into the information used to deliver interest-based advertising.
  • Shows the visitor both Yahoo!’s educated guesses about their interests and a summary of observations, along with other information they have provided.
  • Provides a list of specific interest categories that Yahoo! has placed a user into and lets people turn those categories off.
  • Allows people who don’t want to see interest-based ads to turn them off entirely.

If you want to opt out of this program, check out the Ad Interest Manager site. Be sure to allow cookies from Yahoo and you must be logged in to your Yahoo account too.

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Yahoo Launches Ad Interest Manager

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