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Yahoo Intros Search Engine For Subscription Sites

Yahoo Intros Search Engine For Subscription Sites

SERoundtable reports that Yahoo has launched a new search engine which deep searches subscription based websites. The new Yahoo search offering will search and index material within the members only section of such sites, and subscribers of these may use the personal Yahoo service to search through the paid content. Barry reports “Yahoo! Blog wrote Expanding Your Web Searches to Include Deep Web Subscription Content discussing its plans to begin providing a search tool for subscription based content. There is a US version at and a UK version at”

From the YSearch Blog : “We know that millions of you have subscriptions to very valuable information sources that are password protected or otherwise inaccessible to Web search engines. Some people refer to such content as part of the deep Web. Since this content isn’t in Web search engines, you have to visit each site individually and conduct multiple searches to have a truly comprehensive search.”

CNet also reports “Users of Yahoo’s service must have subscriptions at the targeted sites to access the information, said Tim Mayer, director of product management at Yahoo Search. Yahoo users can add any or all of the subscription sites to their preferences on the search page and search for results from only the subscription sites, or have the subscription results appear along with results from the rest of the Web, he said.”

The Web content providers include; Consumer Reports, Forrester Research,, the IEEE, the New England Journal of Medicine,, the
Wall Street Journal Online, the ACM, Factiva, LexisNexis, and Thomson Gale. Forum discussion currently at WebmasterWorld.

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Yahoo Intros Search Engine For Subscription Sites

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