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Yahoo Finds a Buyer for HotJobs, Which Property is Next?

Yahoo and Monster Worldwide has just announced that Yahoo HotJobs will be acquired by Monster for a $225 million buy-out.  Yahoo has been looking to sell the Yahoo Hotjobs for quite some time now and finally somebody is willing to take it in and pay Yahoo for it.

In case you’re interested to know, Yahoo HotJobs is not really part of Yahoo’s main portal business. So, disposing it seems to be a viable move as it will decrease Yahoo’s maintenance cost in trying to keep the HotJobs site alive and possibly channel the company’s resources to other ventures.

For Monster, the acquisition of Yahoo Hotjobs would mean anticipated increase in job matches and search efficiencies, expansion of Monster’s pool of candidates to answer the expected expansion of job seeker pool for employers, access to more job opportunities, and additional media alliances and reseller agreement.

The deal is expected to take effect on Q3 2010 and other useful information about the deal include a three year commercial traffic agreement, provision of career and job content on the Yahoo homepage, and a traffic agreement that calls for performance-based annual payments calculated  through clicks and expressions of interest.

So, is this the start of the exodus of Yahoo’s various online properties?

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Yahoo Finds a Buyer for HotJobs, Which Property is Next?

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