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Yahoo Bugs Anti-Keyword Spam Initiatives Deactivating Advertiser Accounts

It seems that some Yahoo advertisers are having problems with the new Yahoo Search Marketing’s bulk upload feature and user accounts becoming deactivated.

Florian Reichling writes about his experiences at SEMpunch. Florian used Yahoo’s bulk upload function and his entire account was
disabled and could not be brought back online.

It turns out a system glitch due to a bulk submission I’ve made turned off the account, but now comes the best…Customer support cannot turn the account back on. Supposedly it is a known bug on the new Panama platform and a ticket had to be submitted to the tech group, who I was told would “get to this matter as soon as they can.” Great – here I am loosing out on a couple of thousand visitors per day and someone over at Yahoo needs to manually flip a switch to get my account back online. That person is probably swamped with emails just to flip switches.

… I was just told that my account cannot be brought back online and is lost – so be careful about using the bulk upload tool!

However, Yahoo Search Marketing just mailed Search Engine Journal to let us know that this problem was not due to a bug in the system, instead these accounts were closed because the owners of the accounts were alledgedly ‘keyword spamming’ Yahoo Search Marketing and Yahoo users:

We’ve had several conversations with this client and have informed him multiple times by phone and email that his account was turned offline because of keyword spamming – it has nothing whatsoever to do with Panama or the bulk upload tool at all.

Once an account is turned offline for keyword spamming, it is no longer available to the client, but they are allowed to create a new account and add keywords appropriately. The customer was provided the opportunity to open a new account, but he declined.

Our reps have made every effort to make it crystal clear to this customer that the issue had nothing to do with our new system or import tool but rather due to the lack of quality with his keywords, which were not tied to any content. This is standard procedure for handling advertisers who spam our system.

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Yahoo Bugs Anti-Keyword Spam Initiatives Deactivating Advertiser Accounts

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