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Yahoo Answers Links Not Working

Yahoo Answers Links Not Working

Links inserted into Yahoo Answers discussions by its users have not been working recently, according to some webmaster forums and a post at the Yahoo Answers blog.

As you may have already discovered, the url links posted on Answers are currently not clickable. We are working to fix the problem and we don’t yet have an estimate on when it will be done. Sorry for the inconvenience – we will keep you posted.

Do Yahoo Answers Links Have Value?

Links from Yahoo Answers use a NoFollow attribute which blocks the flow of Google PageRank or link value from the domain to the sites listed by Yahoo Answers users as a quality control method, however there is much value to links beyond PageRank.

Since Yahoo Answers is a high authority site, the Q&A sessions are indexed in many search engines and searchers find these listings in search results. The end effect is clicking to the Answers page which then lists the user generated link as a resource. Meaning that the SEO effect may not be direct, but the search effect of having those high traffic discussions and links exist is a major plus.

These links from Yahoo Answers drive highly targeted traffic and ultimately, conversions. So, the links being down can effect some businesses, trainers or consultants.

Barry at Search Engine Roundtable points to some discussions in Digital Point Forums and Webmaster World about the issue of Yahoo Answers linkage.

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Yahoo Answers Links Not Working

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