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Yahoo Announces Mobile Software for Third Party Developers

One of my predictions for 2008 was the continuation and increase in mobile web marketing. A lot of talk went on last year in the mobile space, but I think 2008 is the year where strategies will take place and companies will emerge to innovate the mobile marketing industry.

Yahoo has been in the mobile space by creating “Yahoo Go” about two years ago, which is a mobile platform for users which gives them access to email, news, search, and more. Companies such as Myspace and eBay have created mobile services that are accessible through the Yahoo page accessible for mobile.

As Yahoo still fights the mighty Google for market share in the search space, Yahoo is now also turning to mobile for more ad dollars and making sure they have their share of the mobile space.

The New York Times reports :

“On Monday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Yahoo is planning to announce that it has opened up some of its key mobile software and services to outside publishers and programmers in an effort to make Yahoo’s own mobile offerings more useful to more people.

The strategy falls in line with the chief executive Jerry Yang’s plans to turn around Yahoo by making it the “starting point for the most consumers” on the Internet. To achieve that, he told investors last fall, Yahoo would have to develop platforms that are open to outside publishers and developers.”

Google and Microsoft may have phone in the works which may increase their search market share through mobile but this is a great opportunity for Yahoo to capture the mobile space and maybe become the Facebook of mobile.

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Yahoo Announces Mobile Software for Third Party Developers

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