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Yahoo Ads Geo-Targeting for Search Ad Campaigns

Yahoo Ads Geo-Targeting for Search Ad Campaigns

Yahoo has just added a geo-targeting system for its search ad placement. This new tool will enable search ad campaign managers to fine tune their search campaigns by selecting specific areas that their ads are aiming to reach.

According to the Yahoo Search Marketing blog, the geo-targeting system would utilize users’ search queries, IP addresses and other information that pinpoints their location as well as which ads Yahoo search will serve them. This new system aims to give advertisers more relevant clicks for their ads and eventually sales since these ad campaigns are assured of reaching their intended audiences.

On another perspective, this new system might be too limiting to some advertisters as it eliminates users that might otherwise find their ads relevant to their needs.  Hence Yahoo is suggesting that when selecting geo-areas, advertisers should choose up to 10 areas within a specific locality where their ads should be served.

You will see this new system when you login to your Yahoo Ad Campaign account. You need to set the “geo-targeting” feature tab and from there you can select areas either by Entire market, Country, State/Province, DMA, City or ZIP Code.

Additionally, although the new system currently allows narrowing ad targets to ZIP code level, the feature is currently in Beta mode, so uses might find some minor inconsistencies when selecting specific ZIP code areas where their specific ads would be served.

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Yahoo Ads Geo-Targeting for Search Ad Campaigns

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