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Yahoo Acquires XoopIt, But Why?

Yahoo Acquires XoopIt, But Why?

The word is out, Yahoo has acquired XoopIt. Well for those of us who have heard of XoopIt just now, it’s a third-party app that won Yahoo’s Open Hack Day in December which Yahoo has teamed up with to develop Yahoo Mail’s “MyPhotos” app. If you don’t know how “MyPhotos” work, it won’t do you any harm if you check it out from your Yahoo Mail account.As for Yahoo’s reason for acquiring XoopIt, Yahoo’s official corporate blog stated that this will facilitate an easier way of sending photos via Yahoo email as well as for sharing photo albums with friends and family members. XoopIt inside Yahoo Mail would help you better organize photos that you send and share via email.

Although, Yahoo is not disclosing the amount it paid for XoopIt, some sources say that it is close to $20 million. This raises some issues as to why Yahoo spent that much for a browser plug-in such as XoopIt. Another issue that arises was why Google let go of XoopIt. Yahoo after all is currently in a slump in terms of earnings and the least we expect that company to do is go on a spending spree.


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