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How to Write Better Titles Using Data-Driven Strategies [Infographic]

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How to Write Better Titles Using Data-Driven Strategies [Infographic]

How much time did you put into the title of your last blog post? If your answer was, “Not much,” don’t worry — it’s often the most overlooked component of content.

The majority of people will type out a blog title and then click the “publish” button without putting much, if any thought into it.

Your title will directly impact your click-through rate. A horrible blog title will pull a low CTR, while a compelling title will pull a higher CTR. Makes sense, right? It’s the first part of your content that a potential visitor will be exposed to. Your title can be responsible for pulling a reader in or pushing someone away, causing them to engage with content elsewhere.

Writing great blog post titles is going to help improve your CTR, and more people engaging with your content will result in more leads, sales, and revenue for your business. My company collaborated up with HubSpot to create the infographic below. The data highlights specific words you can use to increase engagement, along with what title lengths are best for search, social, click-through rate, and post-engagement.

Write Better Titles & Headlines Using Data-Driven Strategies


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