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Will the Google-Yahoo Search Ad Deal Push Through?

We all know that the Google-Yahoo deal was supposed to have commenced this month, but both companies decided to wait for the Justice Department’s decision re its legitimacy and its possible implications to the whole search ad industry. And we also know that many critics have aired their opposition to the said deal the same way that some have expressed their support to it.

And then there was a moment of silence from both the search industry community, from both Google and Yahoo and even from the Justice Department, until now. The WSJ is reporting that prospect for the realization of the search ad partnership is getting dimmer, as both Google and Yahoo maybe walking away from deal soon.

The decision to walk away from the was said to have been reached by both companies after Thursday’s meeting with the Justice Department. It looks like both companies failed to negotiate with the Justice Department to carry out the search ad deal.

A Google spokesman though, still optimistic that they would get a favorable decision from the Justice Department and still maintains Google’s stand that the search ad deal would not only be beneficial to both companies but for the whole search advertising industry as well.

Both Google and Yahoo are hoping that they could get at least a last-minute resolution from the Justice Department by next week. If not, then let us all expect to hear an announcement regarding the cancellation of the deal.

Should the deal be cancelled, then Yahoo better can now focus on negotiating to get a good deal with AOL. As for Google? Nothing changes.

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Will the Google-Yahoo Search Ad Deal Push Through?

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