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Will Google Finally Get the FTC Clearance to Buy DoubleClick

The Google-DoubleClick deal has been going for too long now, that it is already tiring to follow on how the development of the transactions has been going on. The deal has been on the Federal Trade Commission’s table for several months now that one wonders whether its going to push through or not. But suddenly here comes Bloomberg, getting the latest scoop on the deal.

Bloomberg is reporting that the FTC is close to granting Google the clearance it has been waiting for so long to buy DoubleClick. According to the report, the five-member FTC team is set to approve the buyout deal anytime this week despite complaints by Google’s rival Microsoft and AT&T. The two internet players together with other companies are complaining that the acquisition of DoubleClick by Google is tantamount to unfair competition for internet advertisers, such as Microsoft, AT&T and their band of complainants.

If indeed this announcement come out this week, Google would still have to wait for the antirust review of the European Commission which is set for deliberation in April 2008. But nonetheless Google needs this FTC clearance if it wants to get back at Microsoft’s announcement yesterday of a major strategic alliance with another major company player – Viacom.

As I said, in the online industry where we all belong to and which is dominated by Google, the year has to end with a big bang coming from Google and not from somebody else. Otherwise, the industry wouldn’t be as exciting as it is right now.

And so now we wait for the next media buzz.

UPDATE: It’s official, Google gets the FTC clearance. Next step, EU approval.

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Will Google Finally Get the FTC Clearance to Buy DoubleClick

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