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Coming from the founder of Wikipedia, Wikianswers is using the same foundation and technology that made Wikipedia the most successful open online encyclopedia. Wikianswers aims to be your ultimate resource for one true, consensus question and answer wiki-style site.


Although this goal maybe a bit hard to realize, since there are already a handful of Q&A sites available online today, the fact that Wikianswers uses the same formula as Wikipedia might actually make it a runaway hit.


The fact that another similar site has established itself already in the niche and bearing the same name as Wales’ Wikianswer might also work in favor of Wales Q&A site. The other site is called Wiki Answers, also a Q&A site which is part of Interestingly, the two sites – Wiki Answers and Wikianswers is almost identical except for the site design. The site structure and content is almost similar as well. Although Wiki Answers looks more attractive than Wales wikianswer.

According to a comScore data in December 2008, Q&A site Wiki Answers got 26.7 million unique visitors while Yahoo Answers had 144.7 million unique visitors in December. If you add the unique visitors of other Q&A sites including ChaCha, Mahalo Answers and other similar site, it seems that this kind of service is a pretty good investment. This is probably one of the reasons why Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales has launched his own Q&A site called Wikianswers.

One major difference between the two sites is the fact that Wikianswers is open to anyone, just like Wikipedia. Meaning anyone can provide answers to question posted on the site even without registering. Although this might be a convenient way of getting people’s participation in the site, not requiring users to register might open up the possibility of hacking and bogus answers to be posted on the site. But it is definitely a sure  way to encourage users to partake of what the site has to offer.

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  • Chris Whitten

    I’m the founder of FAQ Farm, which we renamed WikiAnswers in 2007 after I sold the business to

    FAQ Farm became a wiki in 2004 when we customized the Mediawiki software for Q&A. I was a great admirer of Wikipedia and knew that would be a great way to enhance collaboration.

    One correction: WikiAnswers has always allowed anonymous questions and answers. You don’t need to register to contribute. You just need to register to edit existing questions and answers.

    See for more of the history.



  • Fact checker

    Your title is misleading – this site is wholly independent from the Wikimedia Foundation, which hosts Wikipedia.

    Please don’t mix up Jimmy Wales’ own private activities with Wikipedia.

  • Gregory Kohs

    Also, please don’t bestow the title of “founder” on Jimmy Wales. As with most things in his career, he relied on the hard work of others (in this case, Dr. Larry Sanger) to get things started, then he runs them out of town and takes credit himself.

    Additionally, this new Wikia answers scheme is NOT open to all. Some schmuck at Wikia blocked me from editing on any Wikia site, after I pointed out that Green Wikia was stealing copyrighted material.

  • Monsieur Referencement

    Do you know if a french version will be develop like ?


    Bob Rosenschein, CEO of Answers Corporation (owners of reference site and Q&A site had this to say regarding Wikia’s site with the same name –

    Full Text:

    WikiAnswers: setting the record straight.
    We are admirers of Jimmy Wales but must set the record straight about the recent statement on Wikia’s site that he is the “founder of Wikianswers”.

    Wikia’s Answers category is indeed one of thousands of wikis on its site, right between Ansible and Anthony Trollope. It started in November 2004 and had almost no activity for the past four years. By August 2007, the site had a total of 17 answers. By their launch last week, there were about 1,000. The site remains very small, despite their seeding thousands of unanswered questions last week.

    In June of 2004, an entrepreneur named Chris Whitten bought the domain He pointed it to his user-generated Q&A site, then known as FAQ Farm. A vibrant community of passionate contributors formed and did a fantastic job answering questions. By the time Chris sold FAQ Farm and to us in November 2006, the site already had 280,000 questions and 200,000 answers. Shortly thereafter, we re-named the product WikiAnswers.

    True to Chris’ vision, our goal is to create the world’s greatest question and answer site. We are well on our way, and the numbers tell the story best: over 8,000,000 questions (35,000 new ones every day); over 3,000,000 answers (10,000 new every day); 16.5 million unique US visitors in December, according to comScore; over 2 million registered users; and over 500 volunteer supervisors.

    We do agree with Gil Penchina, CEO of Wikia Inc., that “there is room for many organizations to be successful in organizing human knowledge.” However, Wikia is creating market confusion by associating its Q&A category with our market-leading WikiAnswers domain and site.

    I would like to thank WikiAnswers founder Chris Whitten and the community that he started for their wonderful efforts building WikiAnswers. We have much to be proud of. According to comScore, by percentage growth, was the fastest growing top 200 US domain for all of 2008.

    – Robert Rosenschein
    CEO, Answers Corporation

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