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Should You Rush into BlogRush?

Should You Rush into BlogRush?

blogrush_logo.jpgThe buzz about BlogRush has rushed into the blogging world. Some bloggers joined the craze, immediately signed up and installed the Blogrush widget into their respective blogs. While some just ignored the rush and proceed with their blogging chores.

For those who are not in the know, BlogRush is a new content syndication network that promises loads of traffic into members’ blogs for free through BlogRush widgets that contains feeds of blogs related to the niche of members’ blogs.

Call it the AdSense of blog traffic generation where bloggers get no money but instead will get tons of blog traffic. But of course, if you are monetizing your blog, then those tons of traffic would eventually transcend into financial gains.

But that all depends on how successful BlogRush is and how much buzz and attention it would generate since it was launched a few days ago.

To achieve its goal of providing free traffic to members, BlogRush employs a pyramid-scheme whereby members can get more traffic every time they refer a new member who would later on refer another user. So the more you refer the more traffic your blog will get.

So, should you rush into BlogRush? There are many answers but ultimately you are the one who must decide for your own blog.

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Before signing up with BlogRush, you might want to read BlogRush Review. From there you will also learn how to sign up for a BlogRush account.


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