Should You Rush into BlogRush?

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blogrush_logo.jpgThe buzz about BlogRush has rushed into the blogging world. Some bloggers joined the craze, immediately signed up and installed the Blogrush widget into their respective blogs. While some just ignored the rush and proceed with their blogging chores.

For those who are not in the know, BlogRush is a new content syndication network that promises loads of traffic into members’ blogs for free through BlogRush widgets that contains feeds of blogs related to the niche of members’ blogs.

Call it the AdSense of blog traffic generation where bloggers get no money but instead will get tons of blog traffic. But of course, if you are monetizing your blog, then those tons of traffic would eventually transcend into financial gains.

But that all depends on how successful BlogRush is and how much buzz and attention it would generate since it was launched a few days ago.

To achieve its goal of providing free traffic to members, BlogRush employs a pyramid-scheme whereby members can get more traffic every time they refer a new member who would later on refer another user. So the more you refer the more traffic your blog will get.

So, should you rush into BlogRush? There are many answers but ultimately you are the one who must decide for your own blog.

Before signing up with BlogRush, you might want to read BlogRush Review. From there you will also learn how to sign up for a BlogRush account.

Arnold Zafra
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  • Pablo Palatnik

    I think it sounds like a great idea, what are some of the downsides to installing the widget on your blog?

  • mark

    I have the same question as Pablo asked. You seem to have done more of a review of the site, then answered the title of your post.

  • Salman Siddiqui

    I read that heading and jumped in to read it thinking atlast i have something which might go against blogrush but you wrote nothing as such negative about blogrush instead of only the heading??

    So, why you shouldn’t rush into BlogRush???
    no reasons from SEO expert …its that we have to decide…

    then why did I read this article?

  • Arnold Zafra

    Pablo – the widgets can not be customized to match your blog’s theme. if you don’t mind putting in a fugly looking gray and orange colored widget box on your side bar, then there’s nothing wrong with it.

    Mark and Salman – It’s free, it promises tons of blog traffic, and it’s a “pyramid building type” of scheme, if you don’t mind getting into that kind of scheme, no SEO expert can persuade you not to join the BlogRush. Thanks for reading the article though. 🙂

  • Pablo Palatnik

    Arnold- Im going to have to disagree with you. The feeds provided may not come to an exact blog theme (as many blogs although about a certain field or topic tend to go off track sometimes with different post on many different things such as mine) but it seems to come close.

    I think this is something very exciting, specially for us bloggers. A new channel to gain readers and visits from.

    We’ll see in the coming weeks if this turns out to be a success or flop.

  • Arnold Zafra

    Pablo – Thanks for disagreeing. Appreciate the feedback. And your opinion is valid as well.

    Looks like BlogRush is headed for the big time. John Reese sent an email clarifying a lot of things about the initial impression on BlogRush.

    Actually BlogRush reminds of a similar blog traffic service whereby featured blogs are rotated on a web portal while members surf and click on each one of the blogs. I just can’t remember the site though and has no way of finding out if it has survived till now.

  • Badsra

    For a detailed list of credits earned per referral level, you can check my blog post here.

  • Sushubh

    B before efore!

  • mark

    Arnold — that site is probably Blog Explosion. I got reminded of it too when I noticed the comment of the original owner over here:

    That is also the place where pros/cons are also mentioned of Blog Rush.

  • Hans Chee

    In response to Badsra’s comment, there is a table of illustration on the credit system in this squidoo lens:

    which elaborates further.

  • Marc

    saw this? lol.