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Why You Need To Build An Email List

Mailing list

Succeeding online takes some core elements. First, there is generating traffic. Second, there is site monetization. Third, knowing how to build a large audience base. Creating a large audience base is the pinnacle of online success. To really blow your audience up, you need to collect emails.

Rich, online gurus have huge lists. Many possess lists that have over one million subscribers. This is how they make the bulk of their money online. They promote their own products and offers simply by writing up a good email and sending it out to their subscribers. They have already established trust so thousands of their subscribers will purchase. Imagine the math here. If a person has one million subscribers and they send out an offer that converts for $100, if only 0.1% purchase the offer, the person makes $100,000. This is why you need to focus on collecting emails and building a gigantic list.

The Process Of Building A List

The standard way to build a list online is through attracting people to a landing page. Generally, something is offered for free in exchange for an email address. Often, eBooks and newsletters are offered. Internet marketers then drive relevant traffic to that landing page. This is how people begin building a list. Aggressive marketers will put up to 10-20 landing pages across the Internet to build their list fast. It works well, but you need to know that this strategy takes a lot of cash.

How Do You Drive Traffic To A Single Landing Page?

It is difficult to get one landing page ranked on search engines. You can rank it for less competitive keywords, but that will not generate enough traffic. The best way to drive relevant traffic to your landing page is through buying lots of ads. This is an expensive method so most experts won’t mention it. If money is not an issue and you know how to advertise online, this is the perfect route to build a giant list in few months, or even a few weeks.

Here Are Four Things To Help You Build A Successful Email Collection Campaign

Focus On A Popular Niche

The niche does not have to be as big as health and fitness, but it has to be good sized and popular. Some experts recommend focusing on smaller niches because conversions are higher, but traffic will dry up faster. It can be tough to pitch the same offers to the same people over and over. I advise going after medium to large niches so it will be easier for you.

Have Something Valuable To Give Away

If you are giving away an eBook, make sure that it is filled with great information. You need to offer something of value so that you can build up credibility and trust with your audience. You need trust to sell things to them later.

Make Your Landing Page Stand Out

Design your landing page so that it looks different than average, generic squeeze pages. People are cautious of those types of pages because they have seen them before, and have been burnt by them before. Make your page look unique.

Use An Introductory Video

The video will describe your free offer and why you want to give it away. Add content to the page that talks about the specific issues your offer will address. Add your own picture to the page so that people know there is a real person behind the offer.

Not A Lot Of Cash To Spend?

If you do not have a large budget for ads, you can build your business and list through a blog. You can create tons of content and over time, search engines will pick up your content. Within your blog, you should have lots of anchor text and banners pointing people to your offer. In WordPress, you can put your offer in the widget section and it will appear on every page. For an example, visit my blog at Click on the eBook image and you can see my landing page.


An autoresponder is a piece of software that allows you to send emails out to people automatically. You can set up a sequence of prewritten emails and send them out to your followers at regular intervals. The emails are collected and stored in a database on the autoresponder platform. Once there, a subscriber can receive emails from you.

Get a good autoresponder and set up a series of emails with good information and products to sell. This will all go out automatically. I recommend Aweber, Constant Contact and Get Response. I prefer Get Response because the inbox delivery rate is higher than the others. This is important because you want your emails to go to the inbox, not spam or junk. It has lots of management tools to make your emails look professional and the cost is low to use Get Response.

Maintain A Good Relationship With Your List

There are some things you should do to keep a good relationship with your list. First, respect it. Always send your subscriber’s grade A stuff, whether it is information or products. Do not abuse your list and send them emails everyday. They do not appreciate seeing their inbox full of crappy emails. Send your emails out on a weekly basis. Do not send them offers with each email. Give them lots of great content and send out offers that will help them. Only sell products that you believe in too. If you sell crap, your list will be crap. People often focus on the money and promote any product to make them some money. Do not do that. You will destroy your list.

If you are looking for a way to make money and have a long sustaining income online, you should begin collecting emails right away. If you are going to use multiple landing pages, make sure you have deep pockets and learn about online advertising. Make sure your landing page is unique. Use a video coupled with images and great content. If you are going to use a blog, build content and bring people to your site through search engines and social platforms. Make sure you are giving away a great offer. Focus on a niche that has plenty of traffic. Lastly, respect your list.

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Why You Need To Build An Email List

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