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Why the SEO Industry Changes So Often

Let’s face it the SEO industry is a lot like a runaway train at times and all you can really do is just hold on for dear life and embrace the ongoing changes.  SEO changes because technology changes and the SERP’s sometimes have to parallel everything that is occurring in society as well as overall technology (from the search engines, visitors, mobile, etc.). The search engines have grown by leaps and bounds over the last decade and they will most likely grow by leaps and bounds over the next ten years as well.

As long as innovation is on the forefront and designers and developers continue to push the envelope of their skill sets we as marketers will have to maintain a certain level of enthusiasm towards adapting to these new technological changes in order to grow through search engine optimization.
Let’s go over some reasons, I feel the SEO industry continues to change:

Search Engine Spammers Take Some Blame

One thing that is important to understand is that often times a technology change opens some sort of window for spammers to pounce on. Almost like a boxing match the search engines have to fight back with a counter punch in order to stun the spammers and get them to pull back a bit. This sort of cat and mouse game is partially why the SERP’s are always shifting gears also. If they did not shift gears causing the good apples to have to adjust their marketing strategies the search engines would be inundated with even more spam than they already are. Spammers over time learn the technology loop holes and try their hardest to capitalize on the windows of opportunity usually causing everyone else unneeded grief.

The search engines have no choice but to have to make necessary changes or they run the risk of losing potential users overtime. The trickle-down effect comes to us having to make changes on how we approach the search space, although the good white hat and proven approaches never go out of style.

Social Media had Changed the SEO Industry

Don’t get me wrong social media is an amazing communication breakthrough and the social ability has opened the doors for smaller business to really be able to compete with the big dogs in any industry. But search engines have been forced to adapt to social media and it is something they are still working on. It’s still anybody’s game from a SERP standpoint on how social media will be displayed and embraced. The search engines have made their attempts on how to provide data directly in the search results but I think we are still on the nose end of things.

As the search engines identify better opportunities on how to properly incorporate social media aspects into the search engine marketing game it is going to cause us marketers to have to shift gears once again. Personally I enjoy the dynamic landscape that morphs and molds on a weekly basis because it creates an environment that is filled with excitement. It is nice to have a new vehicle of communication or branding but with that comes change and a great deal of it you as a business has to be willing to roll with the punches.

Search Technology and New Constant Innovation

There has been a boom on the technology and innovation side of the spectrum. Developers are getting smart and quicker with the web applications they produce leaving businesses and marketers needing to scramble around with education. If a new web application or tool makes its way into the business limelight it is up to you as a business to be able to learn how to leverage that platform to build awareness to your company or brand. With this innovation comes a change in how you market your business through the search engines and that is something that is not going to slow down anytime soon.

Search engine marketing movers and shakers are continuously changing the landscape when it comes to how a company markets themselves online through the search engine space

If you are going to market yourself in the search engine space it is important to realize that things are always changing and you have to be willing to change right along with them. Even if something changes that you are not happy with you have no choice but to go with it otherwise you run the risk of falling behind. Staying up to date with new technologies and web platforms is very important because as they change so does the search engine marketing industry.

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Why the SEO Industry Changes So Often

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