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Why SMB’s Should Invest In Email Marketing

As the world is progressing towards virtual world, businesses have also inclined their promotion and endorsement efforts towards digital world. According to research, it has been a very profitable platform not just for big brands, but as well as for mid to small sized businesses. Here are the present statistics for businesses investing in digital marketing:

percent of financial marketers leveraging more digital tactics in 2013

It has been sprouting; some online marketing tactics works better, such as the rise in popularity of online video marketing as shown in the above the image, as it helps businesses build a strong bound with their clients easily.

According to recent research, another effective digital marketing tactic that many SMB’s are investing in is email marketing. This marketing strategy has proved to be very fruitful for investors and now they have been using versatile tools to make emails more eye-appealing and promising to their clients, in order to get traffic for their website or blog which can eventually turn into leads.

Why are they using email marketing instead of many other digital endorsement tactics?

Here are some of the simple reasons to justify their inclination towards email marketing:

1. Automated:

email statsWhat is the first thing you do when you log in to your computer every morning? It is checking your inbox for any emails and you’re not alone, everyone does it.  According to the latest study, reading emails consumes 28 percent of average work time and around 112+ emails are sent and received per day.

That means your prospective clients are one of them, so why shouldn’t you be there where they are? The best part is that you don’t have to spend time every day to meet them in their inbox. Instead you can just toss your burden onto an auto-responder.

Auto-responders allow you to write and schedule series of emails that will be sent out on regular programmed interval, essentially hassle free. This way you can bind your client in a strong relationship with a long bridge of communication.  Auto-responders are also great because they let you educate your clients with something that will help them, and, in return, you can expect more business.

2. The cheapest one:

Who said you have to spend more to get the best? When it comes to digital marketing, you can spend less to get quality clients!  Email advertising is cheaper and produces a significantly higher ROI, when compared to traditional forms of direct marketing.

email advertising is cheaper

Thus, small businesses can easily afford it and yet can get a phenomenal clientele.  Not only is it very affordable, but it is also extremely effective in helping SMB’s. One survey in 2008  showed that retailers spent around $6.85 per order, which is, indeed, the lowest in any form of online marketing. Not just in the past, but email marketing is very fruitful in the present and the coming era. It is forecasted that spending is going to increase in the coming year.

projected spending on email marketing

3. Easily measurable

One of the basic fundamentals for any business is that they want stats. All your efforts should result in a measurable outcome or else those efforts will be counted as useless. For this purpose, email marketing is one of the epic marketing tools for small business. You can find and calculate your success ratio and failure through the email marketing analysis report and then can plan accordingly for the upcoming months.

how smbs measure the success of email marketing campaigns

The best part about email marketing is that you don’t have to wait for 6 months or a year to get results. You can have results in each campaign, which makes it easier for you to decide if you want to continuing investing in it. Thus, your loss ratio will be decreased miraculously.

Those are some of the important reasons why I believe email marketing is a must have marketing technique for small businesses. If you have any other points, then I would love to hear about them in the comment section below.  Happy emailing! 🙂

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Why SMB’s Should Invest In Email Marketing

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