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Why Internet Marketers Should Support Android

Mobile is becoming more & more a part of an Internet Marketers life as Android is at the heart of that acceleration.

Symbian dominates mobile devices worldwide while Blackberry leads here in North America, albeit both are losing share at an accelerated place, perhaps in part because those devices provide relatively poor to no web browsing.

Although much better, browsing & search itself on the iPhone has always been secondary to its apps as Steve Jobs stated himself, “search hasn’t happened.”

Thus for years at Internet Marketing conferences mobile search was a side session filled with charts & graphs prognosticating a huge market for the mobile web & search, but no real action items as its always for next year.

So Google licenses Android essentially for free to a multitude of manufacturers in order to expand this market for mobile search & open sources it so that no single industry player (including itself) could restrict or control the innovations of any other, thus alleviating the natural thought of a Trojan Horse scheme.

Android started slowly at the end of 2008 and picked up steam through 2009 and now in 2010 its readily apparent that its strength in numbers are pushing the mobile web wide open.

Google has affirmed this during the call of its recent earnings report as Google Senior VP, Johnathan Rosenberg, stated that the most important app on Android is the web browser as search emanating from Android phones is up 300% this year from last and in large part contributed to overall mobile search traffic being up 500% from this time in 2008.

I feel this mobile search & browsing explosion, as Eightfold logic is showing with a small sample set, stems in large part to Android providing this mobile opportunity for Internet Marketers similar to the wide open low hanging fruit of standard SEO & PPC in the early 2000s.

Although your phone may not be an Android device I feel for this reason alone is wise for Internet Marketers to get to know & support it as well partly explaining why for me Android is a double complete rainbow all the way 🙂

Thus your choice in using an iPhone (plausibly argued as the best all around smartphone), Blackberry (Outspoken Media seems to love the BBM it provides), WebOS (plausibly argued as the best mobile user experience), Symbian, MeeGo, Bada, Maemo, or the upcoming Windows Phone 7 is not being questioned.

Just as its difficult to question that 2010 is finally next year for mobile search with Android in large part to thank and deserving your support.

I will be speaking on these action items for Internet marketers in mobile at Affiliate Summit East in New York City & SES San Francisco in August.

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Why Internet Marketers Should Support Android

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