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Why Being an SEO Is So Awesome!

Why Being an SEO Is So Awesome!

I recently read an article by Sarah Carling entitled “The Best Job In The World.” and found it so compelling that I wanted to add to what she started.  As Sarah states, there are so many aspects of this job that are exciting and it’s a profession that will require you to always be on the top of your game.  This “game” doesn’t guarantee much but it will always keep you on the tips of your toes.  Now on to why being an SEO is so awesome!

Getting Paid To “Play” On Social Media

More and more companies are blocking their employee’s access to social media these days.  Even if access isn’t revoked getting caught by the boss or by monitoring software isn’t any fun.  As an SEO I get to use social media and do social media monitoring on a daily basis.  Yup, the boss is fully aware of it and he understands the value it brings to our company AND our clients.  So while other companies punish their employees for participating on Twitter and Facebook I am getting paid!  How cool is that!?

Techniques Vary But Results Rule The SERPS!

One of my favorite parts of Search Engine Optimization is that you could have five different SEO’s that all use unique techniques and all of them can still be successful!  SEO isn’t cookie cutter, we all more or less follow the same rules but we have our own successful twists.  These “twists” are what makes each SEO professional unique.

Discussions, Rants, and Debates.

As Sarah mentions, the discussions, rants and debates are top notch.  I mentioned earlier that every SEO has their own “twists” to their craft and most of them swear by these techniques.  Ask a group of SEO’s about the value of a forum link or a “No Follow” link (especially from a top authority domain such as Wikipedia).  This and many more debates have been circulating for quite a while. They often get pretty heated as well.

Many fantastic discussions are brought up on a daily basis too.  Due to SEO being applicable to almost every niche and website ever made we don’t always have to worry about hiding our techniques from each other.  In fact the SEO community is very generous and is always willing to help if you are willing to listen.  With that said if your going to walk in as the “new guy” and tell everyone how it’s done (incorrectly that is) you better watch out the SEO crowd sure can tear you a new one.

Only Google Knows Best!

Ok, Bing and Yahoo too… There isn’t an SEO alive that knows the exact algorithm that the search engines use to rank sites in the search results.  It’s been estimated that over 200 factors contribute to this algorithm. With this said, nobody can master the craft of SEO.  Hard work, testing and experience play a large role in the success someone achieves.

No Barrier To Entry Here.

To become a Doctor or Lawyer you need countless years of schooling and in addition you need to pass brutal state examinations.  SEO on the other hand requires no formal training.  Some SEO professionals have four year college degrees; some have high school diplomas and many with much more or less.  SEO is a battle of will, do you want to succeed? Do you have what it takes to keep up in this game? SEO is constantly changing and if you’re willing to work hard you too can succeed in this niche. A basic knowledge of html will do you wonders too but isn’t necessary to start learning.

The Never Ending Competition and Results!

Every SEO needs to be competitive.  I have yet to talk to an SEO that is ok with a second place ranking let alone a second page listing.  Very frequently SEO’s can see the results of their hard work.  Write some new content, build a couple links and see the results in your traffic and or conversions.  The more creative you are the quicker you can see the results.  If you get lazy or do something “illegal” you will see the consequences in your results.  Everything you do has an effect.  This is why it’s exciting to wake up every morning; you just don’t know what that day of work will net you.

Don’t let me fool you; SEO isn’t all fun and games.  It’s hard work!  Take a wrong step and your website can get banned from the search engines.  Not too many people get second chances either.  SEO’s always need to be on their toes; we’re always researching the newest techniques, talking to one another and testing our new theories.  Search Engine Optimization is a job that gets a bad wrap, there is no formal education and at any moment the search engines can flip your site upside down.  Even with all that said being an SEO is awesome and I continue to welcome all future challenges.

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Why Being an SEO Is So Awesome!

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