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Where Most People Go Wrong In Closing Big Business Deals: Interview With Randall Turner

As part of our SEJ interview series, Randall Turner of Advice Interactive joins us to discuss how to win big business for your agency.

A lot of people struggle when it comes to closing deals with clients, but Randall is pretty much the man at it. How does he do it so well? He shares some of his secrets with us in the video below:

Here are some key takeaways from the video:

  • Closing more deals and winning big business starts with having the right process in place. Going in to a client meeting with the intention to pitch your products and services is going at it the wrong way.
  • Randall goes in with the intention to better understand the client’s needs and what specific gaps he can fill. He’s honest up front that his agency may or may not be the right fit for the individual client, and the meeting is intended to better understand each other.
  • Randall wins big business by carefully listening to the client’s needs and coming back at a later time with his team to close the deal. Your team is key to closing deals. If you’re multi-person agency, it’s a flawed strategy to try and close a deal by yourself.
  • When meeting with clients, Randall not only takes notes on the project but also on the persona of those he’s meeting with. Understanding them on a personal level helps when trying to show that you’re a good cultural fit for their organization.
  • Another key to closing deals, Randall says, is showing the client you have the right strategy to get them from point A to point B while at the same time showing that you’re the right fit on a personal level.
  • Randall says a lot of businesses go wrong in closing deals by confusing the client with jargon and not making the effort to build a rapport. Those are the kinds of deals most businesses wouldn’t want to accept.

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Where Most People Go Wrong In Closing Big Business Deals: Interview With Randall Turner

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