Where is Google Politically with AdSense?

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Google has taken a few different stances on politics, which is a little confusing to me. They have come out and clearly stated some political positions such as Google saying, “No on 8 campaign.” But at the same time, other blogs within Google clearly state that Google has no political position within their advertising system.

While Google or its executives and employees may express opinions about specific political issues and candidates, Google’s advertising system does not favor one political position over another.

To me, that feels like they are contradicting themselves by allowing statements to be made public about their position, but then when it comes to their revenue stream, they do not “favor one political position over another.” Am I the only one that thinks this is the wrong move for Google?

If you are going to make a statement about sitting on either side of the fence, it ought to be a global decision for the company; not “we don’t sit politically anywhere with Google AdSense, Google Maps, but we do sit somewhere politically with Google Earth and Gmail.”

That just doesn’t make sense to me at all that a corporate policy would allow such a thing.

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  • http://mamador.wordpress.com maddog

    Google screwed up on this one. With the result of the Proposition 8 vote Google now has egg on its face. They should stick to what they do best — search and online apps. Leave the politicking to individuals in the company. For all we know, Google’s personnel demographics is probably too diverse to take a collective stand anyway.