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Where Do I Go To VOTE? Links to Polling Locators

Has it been a while?  Have you moved since the last election?  Is this your first time voting?

Then you might need to double check on your polling location.  Worry not, we’ve got you covered.  Here are a few quick links to find just what you’re looking for.

For you Facebook devotees, Bing and MSN have teamed up with Facebook to provide you with the Polling Location Search Tool.


Love Foursquare?  Check out the iVoteMap  For those of you on mobile, I checked from home and my local polling location is currently showing up in my check-in options.  Just be sure you are near your registered address.



Maybe social media isn’t quite your thing.  CNN has just what you need.  The Voter Information Tool will help you find your polling location and give you some information on what you can expect to see on your local ballot.



Even if you are out and about, these options should load nicely on your mobile devices.  If you know of any other resources for locating your polling location, please share.  And please go vote!

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Where Do I Go To VOTE? Links to Polling Locators

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