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What’s Up with Google Dashboard?

Did anybody from Google just leaked out information about a new service called Google Dashboard? GOS blog was reporting about Google Dashboard and even pointed a YouTube video explaining Google Dashboard, which is currently now set to “private” viewing.


Anyway, Google Dashboard is supposed to be a feature of Google Profile. In fact, it should appear just below the security options under the personal settings of your Google Profile.

The Google Dashboard will contain various information relating to the various Google services that you are using, including the number of conversations in your Gmail inbox. It serves like a historical account of your Google activities if you have this habit of logging into your Google account while using Google services.

Let’s see whether Google is on to something here. But as of now, I don’t really see any use for this, specifically the need to know the number of conversations in my Gmail inbox. What’s Google up to this time?

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What’s Up with Google Dashboard?

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