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What the Yahoo-Microsoft Search Deal Means to Everyone

Google’s Marissa Mayer said the Yahoo-Microsoft search deal will not be good to industry competition. Specifically, she says that it will hamper innovation. But the Yahoo-Microsoft camp claimed that the recently announced search and advertising deal said other otherwise – that the deal will accelerate innovation, aside from generating efficiencies and create a stronger business than either company could create on their own.

But what will be the benefits of the Yahoo-Microsoft search and online advertising deal really to advertisers, web publishers, Yahoo and Microsoft, and most especially to us – consumers? Here’s a recap of the official documents released to the public outlining the benefits of the Yahoo-Microsoft Search Deal to consumers, advertisers, web publishers and to both companies.

For consumers, the search deal will:

  • promote innovation that will generate better search experience for users, more innovation in search technologies, as well as more meaningful and relevant ads
  • a more competitive alternative search that either company can offer if they were doing their search business on their own
  • more transparency and choice when it comes to search engine practices including user privacy, security and other issues.

For advertisers, the search deal will”

  • provide a single advertising platform that will give them more value for their ad spending; give users more relevant ads and drive more clicks and revenues
  • provide a more competitive alternative to search advertising
  • make search advertising more cost-effective in managing large-scale search advertising campaign

For web publishers, the search deal will:

  • offer more competitive bids fo search syndication deals
  • give more compelling advertising avenues to reach more users
  • provide greate value and transparency

For Yahoo and Microsoft, the deal will:

  • help them to more effectively monetize search investments; generate revenues for Yahoo from its search assets and Microsoft to wring greater efficiencies from its existing search business and generate increased revenue
  • create more vibrant, competitive Internet ecosystem, again by providing more compelling and sustainable search alternative to Google.

Interestingly, the benefits outlined by the document was very clear in saying that the Yahoo-Microsoft search deal is aimed at offering  an “alternative” to users. Alternative having reference to Google’s dominance of the search and search advertising market.

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What the Yahoo-Microsoft Search Deal Means to Everyone

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