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What the Heck Is a Chatbot & How Can It Improve Your PPC Strategy?

If your business wants to drive conversions with PPC then you need every competitive advantage you can get. Learn how chatbots can help your PPC today!

Interactive chatbots are the future of PPC marketing. Chatbots provide personalized service and improve the user experience for customers on mobile devices – and can improve your PPC strategy.

Smart PPC marketers must leverage every tool to attract more qualified leads with less effort and drive more conversions. Along with unique landing pages and other traditional conversion rate optimization tactics, your business can also use chatbots to personalize content and improve the user experience.

Let’s look at what chatbots are and how they can improve your PPC marketing efforts.

What Is a Chatbot?

Unlike many other marketing tools available to PPC managers, chatbots are one of the few truly original developments in the technical arena. This is because chatbots are developed to provide an automated method for two-way communication between customers and brands.

Chatbots are increasingly being adopted by brands across industries because they can resolve issues for customers 24/7, help brands craft a compelling message, and provide relevant information to consumers throughout the decision journey. Chatbots are always on, which removes the friction that results in leaky conversion funnels.

The three most important types of chatbots include:

  • Customer Service: The most common type of chatbot businesses use are customer service bots. Instead of relying on human reps, customer service chatbots help online users answer frequently asked and service questions, as well as check online orders.
  • Marketing Bots: Many brands use chatbots messaging to achieve their marketing objectives. Based on conversation with users, marketing chatbots will guide them toward relevant content and products.
  • Product-Specific Chatbots: Many times, brands struggle to improve the core functionality of their products. Product-specific chatbots gather data based on customer usage of the chatbot to help the company improve their product line.

Now that you have a general understanding of what chatbots are, let’s look at how your PPC strategy can benefit from chatbots.

Why Your PPC Strategy Needs Chatbots

It’s one thing to get your audience to click on a PPC ad, but getting them to convert once they land on your website is quite another challenge.

Implementing a simple chatbot on your PPC landing pages is one way your brand can gather more information about your visitors and personalize content on these pages. Personalized content is the “Holy Grail” that all marketers are searching for, and chatbots can provide an additional level of personalization and help your company increase conversions.

Not only do chatbots provide an opportunity for your brand to interact directly with your customers, but they also serve as a sales assistant who is available all day, every day. Since the chatbot can be programmed to ask specific questions, you can customize your chatbot based on the needs of your business and anticipated needs of your customers.

A chatbot can be customized on landing pages of your ad groups to assist in the conversion process based on the products or services you promote in those ad groups. While chatbots are programmable and have a broad range of opportunities, some of the general ways you can utilize a chatbot include:

  • Interact with your customers to understand details your clients are looking for based on a general product or service you provide.
  • Narrow down product selection by size, price, usage, and other factors.
  • Chatbots can produce clickable links that direct to specific products based on previous interactions.
  • Filter out general questions like FAQ, reviews, or provide suggestions.

Chatbots are much more than just a programmable feedback loop. When implemented correctly, your brand will be able to gather valuable information about your customers and direct your audience toward the products and services they want or need.

It can be almost impossible to anticipate the actions of your users unless you have massive amounts of background information about preferences and important purchase behavior. A chatbot can replicate all the benefits of having a live customer service representative to provide personalized suggestions without the overhead.

Personalizing Content Based on Chatbot Interactions

All marketers know about the importance of testing content online. We do this by A/B testing ads in AdWords, choosing different keywords, and optimizing landing pages through extensive testing.

However, the problem with A/B testing in PPC campaigns and landing pages is that our decisions are based on information on groups of individuals. While group-focused information is great, it limits the ability of your business to personalize content on an individual basis for your customers.

Chatbots allow your business to conduct A/B tests on an individual basis and offer the best personalized solution possible for each visitor.

The chatbot used on each page will ask customers a series of specific questions when they reach a landing page for your business. These pre-programmed questions will elicit a response from your customers, and this response will provide your company with valuable information with each interaction.

The responses and communication flow with your customers will give you a detailed understanding of what your customers are looking for and how to improve landing page content. You can use this information to improve the layout and structure of your website and build better personas.

Chatbots Improve the Mobile User Experience

Mobile traffic and engagement continues to grow. Likewise, so are click-through and conversion rates on mobile PPC ads. So improving your mobile experience – especially mobile landing pages – is crucial.

User intent, and the way your customers interact with you on mobile, is much different than on the desktop.

Chatbots provide improvements to the native mobile experience because they allow your customers to interact with a programmable service rep that can help users through the purchasing journey.

This means that chatbots can help your audience overcome the inconveniences that come with mobile content consumption and push them toward conversion points on your website, no matter how or when they reach your landing pages.

Chatbot-Assisted PPC Landing Pages Are the Future

The PPC competition is fierce. CPCs are continuing to climb. Chatbots offer you a way to harness technology to provide a 24-hour customer service experience that helps drive more conversions through PPC.

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What the Heck Is a Chatbot & How Can It Improve Your PPC Strategy?

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