What Is The Future of The Rel=Author Tag? via Matt Cutts

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Google authorship and the rel=author tag has been around for a little while, have you been taking advantage of it? Personally, I’ve noticed an increased conversion for my particular blog articles. When I’m browsing the search engines looking for something, I tend to click on the ones that have a picture next to the post.

Here’s what Matt Cutts has to say about the future of the rel=author tag:


While Matt Cutts supports anonymity, he sees two groups of people online: spammers & real people. The goal of rel=author tag is to bring about an improved search experience. This gives writers an identity and a reputation. Users can find the activity of a particular person online. (Matt uses the example of finding what Danny Sullivan’s up to)

I agree with Matt Cutts, that it will continue to lead to an improved search experience for all users. What do you believe the future of the rel=author tag is?

Adam Morgan

Adam Morgan

Adam Morgan is a PPC expert, entrepreneur, blogger, and amiable guy. In his spare time, you can find him updating his own blog.
Adam Morgan
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