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What is Connected Glass?

Connected Glass was rolled out in New York and did so well, it has now been introduced in San Francisco. Connected Glass is a massive, moving window display in a mall with an interactive touch screen where you can walk up to the window and order, online from eBay, whatever is being advertised on the window. Visit the Westfield Shopping Mall to use it for yourself.  The Sony, Rebecca Minkoff, and Toms retail locations are each equipped with Connected Glass.

Here’s how it works: You are walking through the mall and look over and see an advertisement showing a purse that you really like. Instead of having to go in the store, look for the purse (what if they are out of stock?), walk up to the cash register, and possibly stand in line to purchase the purse, you simply walk up to the Connected Glass window and touch the purse in the ad.  The window screen  shows the purse you liked, along with a few other similar purses. You touch the window, choose the color you like and your purse is delivered to your home within the hour.

This is a perfect partnership for the stores and eBay. eBay is not competing with the store, it is enabling a quicker ecommerce experience for both the store and customer.

What do you think of this technology?  Is it the future?  What does it mean for marketers like yourself?


Featured Image Credit: Fast Company

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What is Connected Glass?

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