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What Can Performance Marketing for Professionals Teach You About Sales Funnels?

Performance Marketing Book

Successful marketing is the centrifuge to business success. It’s how you maintain relationships with your customers, build your brand and make sales. People like John Rampton (an entrepreneur, marketing guru and start-up addict) and Murray Newlands (entrepreneur, marketing guru)  are pioneers in the marketing industry, showing business professionals how to be marketing mavericks.

Their new book, “Performance Marketing for Professionals”, show’s business leaders various topics about performance marketing. It’s for sale on at:

Sales is the key to bring in the money and supporting the operations of the company. The sales funnel is a metaphor used to describe the sales process from the prospective of the buyer, which is sometimes you and in most businesses cases, the customers. Think of it as a process with a wide top with lots of people and a narrow bottom with a few people!

What is the Sales Funnel and where do you want to be in the cycle? You’ll learn this in the book! You’re going to learn how people go about the shopping process; their thinking and procedures, so that you can capitalize on those moments when many businesses lose their customers. Do you want to be at the top of the funnel or bottom? You’ll learn in detail what attribution is and what should you look for? Once you learn about attribution, how you use it to get yourself in the right area in the sales funnel.

Another really important factor in this book is all about promotion. That’s how you make sales! Everyone has their own strategies about choosing what to promote and a lot of the decisions will be based on the kind of traffic you have. You’ll learn key points about how to promote. If you’re a content site makers, John and Murray have laid out 4 critical tips on how to use promotion to maximize your site. How does your affiliate network relate to promotions? Knowing these topics will help make your business more money and save you time!

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What Can Performance Marketing for Professionals Teach You About Sales Funnels?

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