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Weekly Webinars and Upcoming Events 8/15/12

scribeThis is the week of conferences. You may be at Affiliate Summit East or heading over to SES. Whichever one – take notes and business cards and remember to follow up! If you’re at home, take in a webinar and stay sharp. Have a good one!

Is it Time to Say No to SEO?

August 15th, 1 pm EST
Presenter: Larry Kim, Founder & CTO, WordStream
Cost: Free
Description: SEO, or search engine optimization, used to be a relatively cheap and easy way to drive traffic and leads to your website. You didn’t have to be an evil genius or have a million-dollar budget to make it work.

But SEO is more complicated now than it has ever been. In this free webinar, Is it Time to Say No to SEO?, WordStream founder Larry Kim will show you:

– Why SEO is getting harder and harder for small businesses
– Why PPC is no longer optional as a marketing tactic
– Some highly effective alternatives to organic search marketing
– Strategies for recovering from Google’s Penguin/Panda updates

How Anyone Can Make A Small Fortune on Facebook, Practically Overnight, With NO List, JVs, Affiliates, And NO Paid Advertising

August 15th, 8 pm est
Presenter: Jeff Foley, Bullhorn Reach
Cost: Free
Discover how ANYONE can make a small fortune on Facebook, practically overnight, with NO list, NO JVs, NO affiliates, and with NO paid advertising whatsoever…

Solutions to 10 Confounding Content Marketing Challenges

Aug 16th, 12 pm EST
Presenter: Stephanie Tilton, Ann Handley, Marketing Profs
Cost: $129
Description: Many marketers are embracing content as a cornerstone of their marketing efforts. You probably are, too. Organizations are creating blog posts, videos, webinars, podcasts and more as part of this new model of creating and curating content to drive engagement with their prospects and customers, and to grow their businesses. But it’s not easy, and many marketers still struggle with thorny challenges that prevent them from getting the most out of their content marketing programs. We’ve been listening to your issues and collecting questions, and we can help.

5 Steps to Establishing an Effective Sales & Marketing Methodology

August 16th, 1pm est
Presenter: Hub Spot
Cost: Free
Description: Companies with strong sales and marketing alignment achieve higher revenue growth than those with weak sales and marketing ties. So how do you build a methodology that supports such an alignment?
Join us in this free webinar to learn how you can establish an effective alignment between your sales and marketing departments. Linda Crawford, SVP & GM of Sales Cloud at, and Mike Volpe, HubSpot’s CMO, will walk you through the five steps of building a sales and marketing powerhouse. The two leaders will share lessons based on established internal practices as well as analytical insights from both HubSpot and

The New Content Marketer—Winning Strategies for Driving Results with Video and Social Media

August 21st, 12 pm EST
Presenter: Steve Rotter, Marketing Profs
Cost: Free
Description: As the digital landscape evolves and mainstream media transforms, marketers are developing new strategies for engaging with consumers. In today’s social world, marketers must make sure they are attracting consumers and sustaining their attention—not just interrupting them with ads.

How to increase sales with SEO

Aug 23rd, 10 am pst
Presenter: Daria Kizilova, Promodo
Cost: Free
Description: This webinar will discover modern as well as proven with time techniques of e-commerce SEO. It will certainly be helpful for retail business owners who have already tried some SEO tactics and now want to imply new tailored e-commerce marketing strategy.

Upcoming Industry Conferences:

Sept 9/11-9/12
Chicago, IL
More Info

Digital World Expo
Sept 27th-29th
Las Vegas, NV
More Info

Conversion Conference
Oct 9th-10th
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
More Info

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Weekly Webinars and Upcoming Events 8/15/12

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