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Weekly Webinars and Upcoming Events 7/25/2012

Some interesting webinars are coming up. I hope you get to catch one if you’re not already off to one of the numerous industry conferences happening this week. Learn something good and make some money!

Double Your Website Conversion Rate in 30 Days or Less.

July 25th, 8 pm EST
Presenter: Sasha Gilberg
Cost: Free
Description: If you’re already generating leads and sales from your website and would like to double your current conversion rate in 30 days or less, then it’s probably in your best interest to watch this “ACTION-based” webinar.

As you may already know, improving your conversion rate gives you more qualified NEW customers pulling out their credit cards (and stuffing your PayPal and Merchant Accounts with cash) faster than any other marketing tactic in existence.

Organizing Your Advice – Info Product Creation

July 25th, evening
Presenter: Eben Pagan
Cost: Free
Description: In the course of a 10-week training, Eben will walk the members through how he created his top-selling products, which have done more than a million dollars in sales each. Members will also get templates and instructions for creating their own products, based on our models. The program will cover books, video programs, audio programs, consulting, group coaching, membership programs, continuity, live events, and much more.

How to Grow Your Business with Social & Inbound Marketing

July 25th, 12 pm EST
Presenter: HubSpot
Cost: Free
Description: Learn how companies are leveraging social and content marketing to grow their businesses. Join our webinar to learn from the best industry thought leaders. Jamie Grenney, VP of Social Media and Online Video at, and Mark Roberge, VP of Sales at HubSpot, unite to deliver an eye-opening presentation about the social and content layers shaping up successful marketing efforts.

E-Commerce SEO: Fix and Avoid Common Issues

July 31st , 11 am BST
Presenter: SEOMoz
Cost: Free for ProMembers
Description: E-commerce sites are being hit left and right by Panda. What’s a rel-canonical? And what do I do with pagination and view alls? Everett Sizemore, Director of SEO Strategy at seOverflow, walks you through common e-commerce SEO issues and how to fix or avoid them completely.
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How to Master LinkedIn for Marketing

Aug 8th, 2 pm EST
Presenter: Hubspot
Cost: Free
Description: LinkedIn is 277% better for lead generation than other social networks. Wow! If your marketing runs on lead generation, you’ve got to be using LinkedIn to its fullest potential.

Upcoming Industry Conferences:

Affiliate Summit – East
Aug 12th-14th
New York, NY
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BlogHer 12
Aug 2nd-4th
New York, NY
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SES San Francisco
Aug 13th-17th
San Francisco, CA
More Info

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Weekly Webinars and Upcoming Events 7/25/2012

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