Weekly Webinars and Upcoming Events 3/28/12

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Laura Cruz
Laura Cruz
Weekly Webinars and Upcoming Events 3/28/12

affiliate summit centralThis week Hubspot kicks of a four parts Facebook for Business series if you are interested, although the webinars are spread out over four months as well. I’ll be sure to post them as the webinars become available. You also still have plenty of time to register for the upcoming BlueGlass LA 2012 Conference April 23rd and 24th.

Extreme Ad Optimization

March 29th, 12:00 (est)
Presenter: BoostCTR
Cost: FREE
Description: How many ads do you see in a day? The answer is up for grabs, with estimates ranging from 200 to 5,000. Ads are the only thing users know about your website before clicking. This means you only have a few characters, and even fewer seconds, to make your ads pop and get clicked.

So how do you get those good ads? You need the creativity and copywriting skills of a human, coupled with algorithm and a robust rule-based engine.
If you haven’t yet checked out BoostCTR’s services, you can here!

Everything Starts with your Facebook Page

March 29th, 1 pm est
Presenter: Hubspot (part of a 4 part series)
Cost: Free
Description: Your Facebook page is mission control for your business: all other Facebook marketing begins with it. Learn how to build a strong storefront that can fuel the rest of your Facebook marketing efforts.


State of the Social Media Marketing Industry

April 4th, 1 pm est
Presenter: Hubspot
Cost: Free
Description: Are you looking for the latest social media marketing trends? Wondering what tools businesses are focusing on, how much time they’re investing, the benefits of their efforts, the questions marketers most want answered, and their plans for the future?


How to Master LinkedIn to Generate Leads for Your Business

April 5th, 12 am est
Presenter: SEMPO
Cost: Free for SEMPO members, $15 for non members
Description: According to a HubSpot study, LinkedIn has a 277% higher visitor-to-lead conversion rate than both Twitter and Facebook. To help you take advantage of this business-focused social network, this webinar will dive into expert tips to help you use LinkedIn’s company page feature to generate leads for your business.


Upcoming Industry Conferences:

*** Next week! Ad:tech San Francisco 2012
April 3rd-4th
San Francisco, CA
More Info

BlueGlass LA 2012
April 23rd, 24th
Los Angeles, CA
Register Here

Affiliate Summit Central
May 15th – 16th
Houston, TX
Register Here

Laura Cruz

Laura Cruz

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