Google Webmaster Tools Add Advanced Site Indexation Information

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Google Webmaster Tools Add Advanced Site Indexation Information

Recently, Google announced the addition of indexation data within Webmaster Tools. To see the newly revealed indexation information, simply log in to your Google Webmaster Tools account and select Index Status under the Health menu. After clicking on Index Status, you will see a graph that displays the total number of pages indexed by Google:

webmaster central basic index

The basic graph, which has one year of trailing data, should have an upward trend for the majority of healthy sites. If you want more information regarding the indexation of your site or you would like to troubleshoot a potential problem, click the Advanced button in the upper left-hand corner of the graph. After clicking the button, you will see a graph that includes the number of indexed pages, the cumulative number of pages crawled, the pages that are blocked by robots.txt, and the pages that were not selected for the index.

webmaster central advanced index
The Webmaster Tools Team posted the following on the official Google Webmaster Central blog to ensure website owners understand the value of the new data:

“All this data can be used to identify and debug a variety of indexing-related problems. For example, if some of your content doesn’t appear anymore on Google and you notice that the graph of pages indexed has a sudden drop, that may be an indication that you introduced a site-wide error when using meta=”noindex,” and now Google isn’t including your content in search results.

How do you plan to use this new information?

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David Angotti

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  • Stephanie

    This is a very nice addition, however I wish you could click on the different categories, for example “Not Selected” so I can get a better idea of which pages didn’t make the index. Although none of my pages are exactly the same, we are an ecommerce business with some similarity among products. I suspect the high amount of “Not Selected” pages on our site are due to Google flagging them as duplicate content. The pages are similar but not are duplicates in nature. Being able to narrow down which pages exactly are being flagged as “Not Selected” would be so helpful. Maybe that will come next! Hoping!

  • Nayan

    It seems to be interesting, Google is make everything advance !

  • Javarevisited

    This is really a good step from Google on improving transparency and setting new example. I am waiting for there author status feature improvement at the moment, any clue on that.