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Want a More Organized Search Results? Google Square It

Want a More Organized Search Results? Google Square It

I’m not going to assume that Google’s sudden announcement of  Google Square has anything to do with Microsoft Bing.  Nevermind if Google intentionally or unintentionally announced Google Wave a few moments ahead of Microsoft’s announcement of Bing’s launch. I still don’t want to think that Google Squared was launched to overshadow again Bing online availability.Anyway, according to Google, Google Squared is an experimental search tool that collects facts from the web and presents them in an organized collection similar to a spreadsheet.


What Google Squared does is to present search results in rows and columns. Each rows represent attributes/characteristics related to the search term, while several rows are given for images, descriptive, and various attributes search results.

To make it even more useful, Google is also allowing users to create additional column that would contain other attributes of the search term. Goole will try to fill in the column with relevant data depending on what the user wants to see. Users can also suggest to remove columns which are not relevant at all.

Another point that Google Squared wants to achieve is to make the squared search results as the most efficient search results for a particular search term. So, users can save a particular squared search and then get back to it later on  if they thought of something worthy to add to the search criteria.

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Here’s a video of Google Squared in action:


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