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Wanna Get on the Vine Bandwagon? 12 Brands That are Doing it Right!

Twitter’s six-second video publishing platform Vine offers brands a revolutionary way to directly connect with their consumers.

Engage customers through social media is no easy task, especially with so many platforms competing to capture the short attention span of consumers. While Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr might get most of the attention, there are plenty of other outlets that can help make your brand stand out and generate buzz.

vine bandwaggon

One example is Twitter’s six-second video publishing platform Vine, which was debuted on January 24, 2013 and has already become the most used video-sharing application in the market. And, with applications for both the iPhone and Android, experts expect the platform to continue growing.

But what makes Vine so appealing for brands? The videos aren’t just visually appealing and to the point, the stop motion action is just absolutely mesmerizing. Seriously. You can get lost on Vine for hours. This platform offers brands a revolutionary way to directly connect with their consumers.

Vine is one the verge of becoming a mainstream format, Dunkin’ Donuts for example unveiled the first TV spot completely using Vine on Monday Night Football. Now is the time to jump on board. If you want some inspiration, check out what these 12 brands have been doing.

12. Trident

Trident has previously worked with two of the most popular users on Vine, Nicholas Megalis and Rudy Mancuso, for four different videos during the brands’ “Paid in Layers” campaign. The gum brand recently released a new 6-second ad which will air 100 times throughout the next two weeks on Fuse.

11. Lowe’s

The home improvement chain uses its Vine channel to make those cumbersome home improvements simpler and more efficient.

10. Samsung

Samsung has some fun with their mobile devices, whether it’s a basketball player taking shots through different devices or ants carrying away an illustrated strawberry that comes to life on a Samsung device.

9. Dove

Soap isn’t always the most interesting product to sell, but at least Dove was having some fun with their product during their first Vine spot, which turned a bar of soap into a bowling ball.

8. French Connection

French Connection’s channel offers shots of the brand’s clothing along with footage of French Connection events, like concerts and photo shoots. French Connection also recruited Vine favorite Meagan Cignoli to direct the brand’s stop-motion style Vines.

7. Target

Target features colorful and creative clips that convert its Vine video into a decision-maker. For example, during the summer consumers could just tap to see which activity you should partake in.

6. Malibu Rum

Just short clips that let you know what exactly you’re consuming. Simple, but effective enough for us to want a refreshing cocktail.

5. Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile USA’s channel features comedic personalities turning everyday activities into hysterical hijinks for a quick laugh. The company also asked for user submissions to its #HappyAccidents contest. The winning entrants will be featured on TV and the company re-vines its favorites daily. Great interaction there.

4. GAP

The clothing brand uses Vine to provide consumers with up close images of their latest products including shoes lacing themselves up or nail polish being the center of attention in a pile of seasonal clothes.

3. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters was one of the first brands to utilize Vine for a contest campaign after they teamed up with Converse for the  #yourchucks. The best submitted Vine videos featuring Chucks won a series of prizes. Another great example of social engagement. This appears to be a frequent trend for the clothing retailer.

2. Oreo

Oreo tends to stay on top of social trends, so it’s not surprising that the brand has become one of the best on Vine. Oreo includes everything from instructional videos on unique ways to enjoy the cookie, to a jingle and flash mob Vine campaign in support of a new flavor.

1. General Electric

GE has been using  their channel to educate people with their “six second science” series. Educational and awesome. Remember how we said that Vine could be mesmerizing? General Electric definitely illustrates that point.

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Wanna Get on the Vine Bandwagon? 12 Brands That are Doing it Right!

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