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Secrets Of A Viral Content Creator: Discoverability, Co-Branding, And More [Podcast]


As platforms evolve, so should our strategies. No one knows that better than Brian Kearney, a prominent content creator who gained over 100k Instagram followers in about a year.

Brian joined me on the SEJShow to dig into his viral success and what it’s taught him about discoverability, co-branding with authenticity, and how a unique background can make for some of the best content.

From harnessing the ever-evolving algorithms of digital channels to leveraging the nuance of relatable humor, Brian shared how his journey has culminated in an unparalleled ability to craft resonant content — and how it can be applied to your strategic success.

Connect with Brian Kearney:

Based in Boston, Brian Kearney started as a registered nurse, later transitioning into the healthcare and startup sectors. He also ventured into politics and volunteered for local initiatives. As a content creator on Instagram and TikTok, Brian is known for his relatable humor and consistent content quality. His diverse experiences highlight his adaptability and passion-driven journey.


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Secrets Of A Viral Content Creator: Discoverability, Co-Branding, And More [Podcast]

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