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Viewzi : Different Ways to View Your Search

Viewzi : Different Ways to View Your Search

There is a simple belief that sums up the effort behind viewzi, a search engine that takes many different ‘viewpoints’ on search (literally). A standard display of results does not suit every taste. So, provide them with different layouts on a slick interface specific to content or source.

The different views available at Viewzi include:

  • Web Screenshot : Results arranged in a flow layout with option to move back and forth.
  • Simple Text : Serial list of search results.
  • Power Grid : Results arranged in set of tiles with option to move back and forth among them.
  • Google Timeline – A view that shows the results set against the backdrop of a time line.Clicking on each gives a snapshot in a window.
  • Photo View – Pictures search.
  • Video x3 – Video results from Youtube, Blinkx and Veoh.
  • Sources – Results from Yahoo, Google, and MSN.
  • Amazon – For books and book reviews.
  • Everyday Shopping : Results from Amazon, EBay, Target and Walmart.
  • Song : To find, play and buy songs.

In addition you also have views such as – Site Information, Photo Tag cloud, News, Weather, Recipe, Album, Celebrity and also a Techcrunch view

All views are available as a scroll at top of screen so changing between them is painless. With so many types of content online, definitely the varying choices in views is a great feature. Do try out viewzi and let us know your comments.

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