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Video-Optimized Press Releases – Always a Great Idea

Video-Optimized Press Releases – Always a Great Idea

If you are run a business online, you are most likely to be aware of press releases as marketing strategy. But have you tried multi-media enhanced press releases? Have you leveraged video press release to its full potential?

The type of the video depends on your press release purpose and content – but it is almost always a great idea!

  • For new product release include your product demonstration;
  • For viral campaign announcement include a short catchy video ad;
  • For personal story include an interview, etc.

The best thing about video-enhanced press releases is that the two marketing tools effectively work together: video engages the users (and encourages them to pay more attention to the press release) and the press releases generates more exposure to your video.

Video can enhance the message while the press release may serve as an effective context for the video you are trying to market (and increase its reach by letting it appear in Google news).

Case Study

Last week I ran a quick experiment using PRWeb’s “Media Visibility” package and had pretty nice results.

1. The video-enhanced press release had more full-page reads:

Video press release

Note: According to Meg Walker, Director of Online Marketing for PRWeb, video-enhanced press release may account for up to a 500% increase in time on pages.

2. The video itself got some nice exposure from the press release:

Video press release

Now to You

Have you ever tried video-optimized press release? What was your experience? Please share your thoughts!

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Video-Optimized Press Releases – Always a Great Idea

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