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V7N announced last week that they have launched a new link buying service which could be seen as a hybrid of Text Link Ads and the Pay Per Post blogging systems, but different in terms of style, location of links and pricing structure.

V7N Contextual Links works by bloggers placing a line of contextual ad copy at the end of specific blog posts.

The copy does not review or endorse the product, but is specifically an advertisement made up of a sentence, with some of the terms in that content linked to the page of the advertiser, using the desired anchor text of that advertiser.

It will be interesting to see how this new contextual advertising solution for the SEO market and new money making system for bloggers pans out.

Ideally, the advertiser would be able to target specific blog posts which are already relevant to their service, product or topic, and purchase placement within those posts.

Some blogs, even amateur ones, can boast anywhere from 1,000 to 10,000 archived postings. For the $10 payments which V7N is paying to each blogger for each blog post ad placement, a blog with 1,000 archived posts could easily make an extra $5,000 to $10,000 this year if V7N can attract enough interested advertisers.

And with the notion for the advertiser of buying a targeted link on an archived blog posting for a one time fee of $20, testing this system is somewhat of a no-brainer.

According to V7N Contextual Links, the embedded link approach only on specific blog pages (not the entire site) is unbeatable in terms of SEO as:

* the links are permanent
* the links are undetectable by search engines
* an enforced non-disclosure agreement prevents both publishers and advertisers from revealing participating publishers and advertisers
* by selling link placement instead of paid endorsements, we sidestep the moral issues and bad publicity that follows with paid blog posting
* access to more approved publishers & advertisers via affordable rates

Better yet, from a publisher perspective, the new Contextual Links monetization option is one more piece of the blog money making puzzle. Teamed with Yahoo Publisher Network or Google AdSense, Feedvertising, Affiliate ads, Text Link Ads or Text Link Brokers, ReviewMe and other easy blog monetization offerings,

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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  • Matt Cutts

    Where did you see “the links are undetectable by search engines” text on http://contextual.v7n.com/faq.php ? I didn’t see that claim on the page..

  • Matt Cutts

    Ah, it’s on http://contextual.v7n.com/why.php
    “Contextual Links @ V7N are undetectable to search engines. Whether it be by human or algorithmic filtering, our links are impossible to detect. Additionally, an enforced non-disclosure agreement prevents both publishers and advertisers from revealing participating publishers and advertisers.”

    That reminds me, I need to tell my story about undetectable spam doorways at some point. It’s a good story.

  • Loren Baker, Editor

    Good call on the link reference Matt, my bad 🙂

  • rcjordan

    >I need to tell my story about undetectable spam doorways at some point. It’s a good story.

    et voilà


  • John Gall

    With the high speed nature of change as it relates to SEO and the SERPS I don’t see how anyone can claim anything is “undetectable.” Eventually all thigs get detected.

  • Sam

    Hey, Loren it wasn’t that bad, it was close to. It happens sometime, need not to worry. I must say you are doing a great job. I love to visit your blogs. Gives me great, authentic information.

    What John G is saying is quite tricky, will love to hear more on this. Thanks

  • Brian

    If you know even a little about search you know this is total BS!

  • Andrea

    Wouldn’t it be easy for someone at Google to purchase links and from there put together a list of those blogs for which outbound links should be devalued?

  • Dread Pirate Robert

    Hey, that was fast. That “/why.php” has been changed and no longer claims their links are undetectable. Probably because they were detected.

  • Loren Baker, Editor


    On the other side of the coin, I have some older blog posts which attract thousands of users on a monthly basis.

    If someone were to pay me (the hypothetical me) for links in those blog posts to relevant services or businesses, I’d say that in the same way that traditional link buying works, those ads would pay for themselves for the advertiser AND continue to bring in more traffic and revenue over the lifetime of those blog posts.

    Not to say that I would pimp out links in old high traffic posts for $10 a pop (on the publisher side), but I’m sure that there is more to benefit from in terms of link advertising, within any link network or directory, than just ‘Google/Yahoo/MSN Juice’

  • John Scott

    “Probably because they were detected.”


    If you think they are detectable, then detect which link on this page is paid:


    Only one of those links is paid.

    Ok, ok, two are.

    Nope, three are.

    Nope, none are.

    They are undetectable as paid because they are placed as organic links would be. The only way to discover that they are not organic would be to access my PayPal account.

  • Hornswaggled

    iwebtools is paid. That post was nonsense btw.

    I dont have any problem with PPP or reviewme, I know people who are using it to target bloggers directly and market to them. The search engines are a secondary incentive but not the main one.

    PPP sucks as that its filled with spam blog sites, Reviewme sucks in that it takes forever to find and order a review. Right now there is not a site that is doing this correctly for advertisers, maybe bloggers but not advertisers. Creamaid and blogitive are out there, haven’t tried them though.

    People you need to keep the advertisers happy otherwise the money will dry up. There is still a need for a better service.

  • John Scott

    No, none were paid. But thank you for making my point, that most of what people say on blogs is based upon absolute bullshit conjecture.

  • Methew

    I offer directory submission service.

    Can you provide me 6 permanent contextual links from 6 different websites or blogs (seo friendly) in $100 (max budget) related to seo, sem, internet marketing ?

    When I say a contextual link, I mean that It should be crawlable by google and other search engines, it should not be blocked. It should be in between a paragraph which talk about manual directory submission service and have a anchor text as “manual directory submission service” to our website. And the website or blog should be (SEO/SEM) theme. It should pass value to my site by
    google. Also If it is a blog post, it should not have word like review, sponsor, sponsored, advertisement, ad etc since it looks like paid review or advertisement.

    I require it urgently by next 3-4 hours only. If delayed, maximum by tomorrow morning it should be delivered. I do not have more budget than this ($100 for 6 contextual links) and if possible from different class c ip.

    If you can, let me know the url from where you will give a contextual text link (do follow) and position on that page as well so that I can decide and let you know immediately.

    Mathew Barclay