What separates the best websites from the average ones?

How do you create web content that’s digestible for search engines while simultaneously providing a user-friendly experience?

Successful websites manage to strike a harmonious balance by using the combined power of UX and SEO.

If you want your site to outrank the competition, it’s important to understand how these two concepts go hand-in-hand.

User experience design and search engine optimization are both critical to the performance and profitability of your website.

Though they are two distinct disciplines, you’ll find that they are functions of one another, so tightly intertwined that it’s not clear at which point one ends and the other begins.

But how exactly do UX and SEO work together, and why is it important to consider both in your web development and digital marketing strategies?

While SEO deals with how you attract users to your site, UX factors can make or break whether they convert.

In our new ebook, UX & SEO: Enhancing Online Discoverability And User Experience With A Combined Approach, Loren Baker details how maximizing the shared power of UX and SEO can help you boost results and drive more conversions.

Key Insights:

  • Learn how UX and SEO work together and how UX impacts your website’s performance.
  • Learn about UX in Google’s updates and what you should be tracking.
  • Checklists for UX and accessibility audits.
  • Myths about user behavior data.

Download your copy now and discover how to leverage these tools to give your site a competitive edge.