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How to Use Twitter Moments in Marketing

Marketing using Twitter Moments is the most powerful and potentially costly form of Twitter advertising. Let us guide you how to do it right the first time.

How to Use Twitter Moments in Marketing

Using social media for shameless self-promotion has become less and less shameless as the use of social media increases throughout the world. It is now more accepted and even encouraged as a business. Self-promotional tactics and being able to sell yourself online is essential to social and business survival.

Editor Note: to learn more about social media in branding, check out this Marketing Nerds episode with Dino Dogan and Kelsey Jones:

It has become a no-brainer to be on Twitter if you want to promote yourself. This is one of the most powerful and influential platforms on the market today. If you are an avid Twitter user, you will have heard of Twitter Moments by now. For those of us who do not, here is a quick recap of what this feature is all about.

What are Twitter Moments?

Twitter Moments is a feature that collects trending tweets, trends and news stories and collages them into a narrative. It was originally only used by Twitter, to tell a story of the trending stories in the world every day.

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However, the feature is available to all users to create their own Twitter moments from their own tweets and from other twitter accounts tweeting about the same theme. It has become a hit, as it is very effective for piecing together a story from tweets and making an impact. You have the power to choose your material and edit it how you wish.


Storytelling Is The New Craze.

Twitter is actually not the first social media platform to make use of storytelling. Other platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram are all also implementing the storytelling feature on their platforms as well. This is because it has been discovered that storytelling is an integral part of human nature, as our brains are designed to make stories out of a sea of experiences and data we are presented with throughout our lives.

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Tweets and other pieces of multimedia may be relatively effective on their own, but when numerous tweets, images, video and audio files of a similar theme and narrative are pieced together; it is naturally more powerful and helpful in helping the creator get their message across.

Therefore, the question is how can you make the most of this when marketing yourself.

twitter-moments-news1. Fostering a Personal Connection

Marketing yourself involves getting your followers to take more of an invested interest in you. Regardless of what it is you are eventually selling or using your Twitter account to achieve. People will follow and engage more with their fellow Twitter users that invite them more and users that they feel a more personal connection with.

As stated above, storytelling helps people to develop a connection, make more sense of random data and tweets and care more deeply. Twitter Moments provides this opportunity for you to tell your story constantly and keep followers engaged in your stories, events, and projects as you go along.

2. Tell A Clearer , Better Story

Twitter Moments not only enables you to tell a story, but a clear and powerful story. Being able to sieve through lots of irrelevant tweets and focus on the ones that matter, accompanied by visuals, video, and audio footage helps you to get your messages across more clearly and powerfully than you would’ve been able to in the 140-character tit-bits previously allowed.

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3. Build Social Proof For Future Clientele

Social proof in your self-promotion endeavors is crucial. There may come a time where you will need to prove the efficacy of your tactics and your popularity to prospective clients and others. Twitter Moments allows you to pull together tweets, retweets, hash-tagged tweets, and responses relating to a certain theme. This can be a theme or hashtag you started. It makes it easy for you to collate data and do your market research homework!

4. Make The Most Of Your Best Tweets

Although we do our best on Twitter every day, some days we are just on a roll with witty tweets, great pictures and positive responses, and some days- not so much. Twitter Moments allows you to select the best of the best of your own tweets along with the best of the best from others in response to you. You get to make your own “Best of” collection –Twitter edition– so that you can get the full marketing power of the event and a huge benefit from your best days on Twitter.

twitter-moments-marketing5. Generate More Interest in Events

When there is a big moment happening in your life and career and you want to get your followers on board, Twitter Moments is your go-to resource for that. From the build-up before, to the live-tweeting during, and to the nostalgia afterwards-Twitter moments helps you to really create hype, interest, and tell the story of your event.

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This will help to make your followers feel that they are and were a part of it, and get them more interested for the next time around. What’s more, including their response tweets in your Moment afterward, will really make them feel more involved and included and more likely to participate in future.

6. Built-in Compatibility For Sharing

Another great feature of Twitter moments is that they can be shared on other platforms as well. Therefore, you can use them on your blog, your websites, and other social media profiles, really getting the most mileage out of your efforts in making them and further expanding your audience base elsewhere. So the same results you can enjoy from Twitter Moments on Twitter, you can enjoy from elsewhere, while still directing more interest back to Twitter. Statistically, you are going to get more Twitter followers from these other platforms as well. Win-win-win!

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7. Target Most-Interested Users

Just like promoted tweets and promoted Twitter profiles, Twitter Moments offers a paid media targeting option as well. With this option, you can select the demographic and reach of your moment. This is especially useful when trying to establish yourself within a certain group of people for whatever marketing goal you may have. There are lots of tools to increase your effective marketing campaign on Twitter, and there are lots of user-based tricks and tactics that will do the same, but nothing beats the power of a direct, paid, marketing campaign.

So, let’s get on it, Twitter Moments is a great tool to market yourself as it offers the opportunity to utilize some of the best marketing principles in the book. Play around with it and see what results it brings you!

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